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[lwip-users] Writing an ethernet device driver from ethernetif.c

From: Durgaprasad Chivukula
Subject: [lwip-users] Writing an ethernet device driver from ethernetif.c
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 12:20:57 +0200

Hi ,

 I made a shared library of lwip stack , and  want to use this library
to use it for an application .I also want to get the ethernet
functionality included in this library.
I am in the work of writing the ethernet device driver , and got few
doubts when I saw the skeleton ethernetif.c ..

1. What changes do I need make in the ethernetif.c to fit for my ethernet card 
(my ethernet card is from 3Com  model 3c905B) . I am working under
Redhat linux 9.0  , 2.4.20-8

2. I observed in the skeleton ethernetif.c , that there are some
functions which are'nt declared anywhere else, are these functions
device dependent ...??
the functions like... send data from(q->payload, q->len) , singal that
packet should be sent(), drop packet () ,   etc.....

3.Asssuming  the device driver is ready , can I include this driver in
my shared library , so that lwip can use ethernet actually , to get
and put files for my application..?

Please clarify me in this regard... any kind of suggestions would be
helpful for me

Durga Prasad Chivukula

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