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[lwip-users] calling IP from ethernet interrupt

From: Amir Bukhari
Subject: [lwip-users] calling IP from ethernet interrupt
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 21:11:42 +0100

I use UCOS-II (on MPC5200). I run a task which is activated when a packet is
arrived. this happend by using messege boxes. the SDMA interrupt post a
messege with a pointer to the buffer, I try here to avoid copy the packet,
thus I use the buffer pointed by SDMA, because SDMA will used the freed
buffer from the ringbuffer later. the Task then create pbuf and copy the
packet arrived to it.
this work very good but in a heavy data transfer I got alot packet lost and
TCP connection are all losts. I use ping utility under linux to floot my
mpc5200, this because the buffer data is rewritten by the SDMA and I got
cruppted data.
a good solution is to call the  low_level_input directly in the receiving
interrupt, but this don't work with me because uCOS-II refuse using
semaphore inside an interrupt handler, the pbuf code use semaphore
is it save to ignore semaphore inside an interrupt, when another thread has
set it. or there another way to allocate pbuf which sutable for use with
interrupt handler?


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