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[lwip-users] pbuf related question

From: Sathya Thammanur
Subject: [lwip-users] pbuf related question
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 15:56:28 -0800

Hi all,
Is it possible to align the "payload" of a pbuf? I am aware of the MEM_ALIGNMENT configuration in lwipopts.h that is used to set the alignment. Whenever I do allocate a pbuf on the Rx path (PBUF_RAW) in my low level adapter, I do see the alignment working in place. However, on the Tx path, when the stack allocates a pbuf to send out replies, at the ethernetif adapter level the alignment is not present. I havent looked closedly at pbuf.c to see how the allocation happens.

Is there any other option that I need to set so that I can ensure that the payload of pbuf (and hence the ethernet frame) is aligned appropriately?



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