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Re: [lwip-users] Strange ARP behaviour

From: FreeRTOS Info
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Strange ARP behaviour
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 15:11:36 -0000

> > If you are really going through a router, the ARP should be generated on
> > the local network by the router.  That doesn't seem to be what is
> > happening in your traces.  The ARP is originating at from two different
> > ethernet addresses.  You should probably review all of your setups,
> > i.e., network address, gateway address, and subnet mask, for the ARM7
> > board, the router ports, and the computers that are originating the
> > pings.  It would be easier to understand what is going on if you could
> > present that information with your traces.
> I will collect this info when I'm back in the office.  What I do know is
> subnet mask is 255:255:0:0, and the gateway is
> It seemed to me that the router contains an ARP cache (as might be
> expected), as even when I deleted the cache on the PC used to issue the
> an ARP was not generated on the far side of the router, so the router must
> have provided the necessary information locally.  I got around this by
> simply changing the MAC and IP address of the ARM7 board but it does show
> that the router is doing something at least.

It seems this problem was in fact caused by the MAC address setting.  For
some reason the router did not accept it.  I changed the initial random
setting from 1:2:3:3:1:0 to another more probably random setting of
00:34:57:22:3c:22 and the problem went away.




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