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[lwip-users] RTSP / RTP streaming

From: Trond Kortner
Subject: [lwip-users] RTSP / RTP streaming
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 08:53:22 -0000

Hello there,

I am using the lwIP stack without any OS on a Xilinx FPGA based platform with an enbedded PPC405 processor.
I want to implement an audio/ video streamer server in an echo sounder system based on the RTSP/ RTP protocols.
My development has stolled on a problem that I think has to do with the lwIP TCP protocol not handling persistent TCP connections.
I am using the media player QuickTime (have also tried RealPlayer and Windows Media Player) to initiate the RTP streaming using RTSP to start it.
The RTSP commands for all 3 media players assumes the server support consistent TCP connections. This means that my RTSP application gets the first RTSP command DESCRIBE, which I REPLY to, then the SETUP command is issued, and then the lwip TCP part just issue an ACK and disconnects and not  passing the data to my application (see the below)!

Is there any way lwIP can be configured to handle persistent TCP connection?

With Regards,
Trond Kortner
R&D Engineer
Kongsberg Maritime AS

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