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[lwip-users] Assertion failure in tcp_receive

From: Jeffery Du
Subject: [lwip-users] Assertion failure in tcp_receive
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 08:59:34 +0800


         I am a software engineer from China. I am working on a set top box 
project, in which we use TCP/IP protocol to transmit control command and user 
data. I've ported the LWIP (1.1.0) to our platform (OS20 of ST 
Microelectronics) and it can work basically. 
    But I encountered a problem currently. When a large amount of data are 
transmitting, the program is very easy to crash at an assertion in tcp_receive:
         if (pcb->snd_queuelen != 0) { 
LWIP_ASSERT("tcp_receive: valid queue length",
          pcb->unacked != NULL || pcb->unsent != NULL);
      I've checked the bug list on website: 
But I didn't find any report about this problem. I wrote application to use raw 
API directly.
      Can anyone give me some hints?

Best regards
Jeffery Du

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