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[lwip-users] [RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT] lwIP 1.1.1

From: Leon Woestenberg
Subject: [lwip-users] [RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT] lwIP 1.1.1
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 18:05:30 +0100
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Hello all,

lwIP 1.1.1 has been released last week. It is a bug fix release, and is equal to the CVS HEAD of last week, tagged STABLE-1_1_1.

Thanks to everyone who found and fixed the bugs!

Note that I have not performed any testing on this release myself --- it would be great to get some feedback on how well or bad the 1.1.1 stack behaves in your project.


Leon Woestenberg.

A summary of changes since 1.1.0 (expect this list to be incomplete):

 * ipv4/ip_frag.c: Added bound-checking assertions on ip_reassbitmap
   access and added pbuf_alloc() return value checks.

 * tcp_{in,out}.c, tcp_out.c: Removed 'even sndbuf' fix in TCP, which is
   now handled by the checksum routine properly.

  * pbuf.c: Fix alignment; pbuf_init() would not work unless
    pbuf_pool_memory[] was properly aligned. (Patch by Curt McDowell.)

 * tcp.c: Remove PCBs which stay in LAST_ACK state too long. Patch
   submitted by Mitrani Hiroshi.
* inet.c: Disabled the added summing routine to preserve code space.

 * tcp_in.c: Duplicate FIN ACK race condition fix by Kelvin Lawson.
   Added Curt McDowell's optimized checksumming routine for future
   inclusion. Need to create test case for unaliged, aligned, odd,
   even length combination of cases on various endianess machines.

 * inet.c: Rewrote standard checksum routine in proper portable C.

 * udp.c tcp.c: Removed SO_REUSE hack. Should reside in socket code only.
 * *.c: introduced cc.h LWIP_DEBUG formatters matching the u16_t, s16_t,
u32_t, s32_t typedefs. This solves most debug word-length assumes.
 * inet.c: Fixed unaligned 16-bit access in the standard checksum
   routine by Peter Jolasson.
 * slipif.c: Fixed implementation assumption of single-pbuf datagrams.

 * tcp_out.c: Fixed uninitialized 'queue' referenced in memerr branch.
 * tcp_{out|in}.c: Applied patch fixing unaligned access.

 * pbuf.c: Fixed missing semicolon after LWIP_DEBUG statement.

 * udp.c: UDP pcb->recv() was called even when it was NULL.

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