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[lwip-users] netconn_write loops

From: E.F.Spijksma
Subject: [lwip-users] netconn_write loops
Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 10:21:50 +0200
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This problem has been posted in 2005 but got no response which i can see..
in api_lib.c.
In the function netconn_write the semaphore which is waited on when
tcp_sndbuf( conn->pcb.tcp ) returns 0. There is mention of a patch of which
I expect that it will be integrated in lwip v 1.1.1.
But we still experience the connection loops in netconn_write at that point.

In the api_msg.c in the function do_write, tcp_write is called.
at some point tcp_write returns an error. This isn't always a problem
but sometimes it just keeps returning errors.

Could anyone help me with those 2 problems?


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