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回覆: Re: 回覆: Re: [lwip-users] HEL P! About the RAW API

From: 陳 小擁
Subject: 回覆: Re: 回覆: Re: [lwip-users] HEL P! About the RAW API
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 01:26:39 -0000

Hi Jain :
    Thanks for your relpy !
    It is my code in the attach file . I just add some code in the samplehttp.c. and the section below in what i added :
if((tcp_active_pcbs != NULL) && (i = 50000))
     temp_pcb = tcp_active_pcbs ;   
    // To get the active pcb from tcp_active_pcbs.
     err = tcp_write(temp_pcb , &abc[j] , sizeof(abc[j]),0) ;
    // use tcp_write to send the data:
  tcp_output(temp_pcb) ;
 // use tcp_output after call tcp_write

     if (err = ERR_MEM) 
      Uart_Printf("tcp_output Error \n!");
     Uart_Printf("We have send %d times \n",j);
I define the TCP_SND_QUEUELEN as 4 . My code can send 4 times . after that . It can't send anything else !

Prateek Jain <address@hidden> 說:
Hi Chansio,
   It's difficult to comment on this problem with this information. I have few questions too:
1. Are you able to send data any time? i.e. Is it failing to send data in few cases or you are not able to send at all?
If possible, send the code. Please send the logs too.

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