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[lwip-users] RE: LwIP Version 1.1.1 pbuf Assert

From: Lee Trueman
Subject: [lwip-users] RE: LwIP Version 1.1.1 pbuf Assert
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:08:04 +0100

Right dont know what is wrong with my Lwip, but i really need to get to the bottom of it..........Just connecting with telnet and then disconnecting causes
Assertion "p != NULL" failed at line 554 in .\src\core\pbuf.c
This happens every time. What is going on ??????????
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From: Lee Trueman
Sent: 15 May 2006 10:26
To: address@hidden
Subject: LwIP Version 1.1.1 pbuf Assert

Hi all,
right just a little background first. Was running LwIP version 7.2 on a M16C62P along with CS8900A now this seems to work ok........ I'd got two sockets running Telnet and a NTP Client. Both seem to run ok, well NTP does, but telnet seemed to lock up so i tryed changing the options of the stack to better cater for the telnet interface(i.e sends out abit of data max screen is about 1000bytes), but to no avail.........The telnet session would randonly just lock up, and more offten that not take the stack with it......

So the next route was to upgrade the to latest version 1.1.1 along with the latest changes....... having done this i now still have the same telnet issues but my debug output is showing a pbuf assert :- see below

Assertion "p != NULL" failed at line 554 in .\src\core\pbuf.c

not sure where this has come from....... ?????

could anyone please advise on the cause/fix to this issue..........also please find att my current lwipopts.h for comments........

Kind Regards

Lee Trueman,
Embedded Software Engineer,
Money Controls Ltd (UK).
Tel: +44 (0)161 678 0111 Ext 378

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