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[lwip-users] Fixed udp_input() to handle PBUF_REF packets

From: Curt McDowell
Subject: [lwip-users] Fixed udp_input() to handle PBUF_REF packets
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 19:48:46 -0700

I made a fix to udp_input() in src/core/udp.c rev 1.71.  udp_input() would calculate the checksum wrong and drop the packet if the pbuf was a PBUF_REF (it worked okay for non-PBUF_REF).  The problem was that udp_input() attempted to strip the UDP header, add it back, and strip it again.  But pbuf_header() doesn't allow adding back the header for PBUF_REF.
Separately, I changed some formatting in udp.c rev 1.70 to fix wrong indentations and really long lines.
Curt McDowell
Broadcom Corp.

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