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[lwip-users] Simple Questions, LWIP -> MicroBlaze, No XMK

From: Lachlan Grogan
Subject: [lwip-users] Simple Questions, LWIP -> MicroBlaze, No XMK
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 12:34:03 +1000

Hey All,
Thanks to all that have helped with my probs to date.  I now have a LwIP system operational with a HTTP and FTP server running.  Complete configuration of my product is acehivable through the HTTP server, while I can d/l log files and firmware revisions via FTP.
I would like to know:
1.  Can I use LwIP as a HTTP client, rather than a server?  If so does anyone have a brief example?
2.  Could anyone point me to an example of resolving a domain name eg. google.com using LwIP?
3.  If Items 1 & 2 above can be answered, has anyone acheived this from behind a gateway with NAT, or UPnP enabled?
Thanks in advance..
Lachlan Grogan.

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