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RE: [lwip-users] Re: lwip connect to normal socket applicationveryvery s

From: Goldschmidt Simon
Subject: RE: [lwip-users] Re: lwip connect to normal socket applicationveryvery slowly
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 15:23:52 +0200

> > Wouldn't it help to increase the TCP window size (TCP_WND define in
> > opt.h) so that the lwIP application does not wait for the 
> first frame 
> > to be ACKed before sending the next? I'm not that familiar 
> with lwIP 
> > TCP implementation, but my knowledge of TCP tells me that 
> should be enough.
> > 
> > Hope that helps (and hope I'm right),
> Possibly.  If the window was very small, then this would be a 
> problem, but I'd assumed that the window size was at least a 
> couple of segments.
> More likely the connection is in the "slow start" phase of 
> congestion control, where it won't use all the available 
> window, and instead slowly ramps up to the maximum allowed.  
> This is clocked by the rate at which ACKs are returned, which 
> is why it's waiting for an ACK before sending another packet.

OK, could be. But notice that in opt.h, TCP_WND IS defined to only 2048,
which is _less_ than 'a couple' of segments...
But as I said, unfortunately I'm not familiar with lwIP's implementation
of TCP details.


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