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[lwip-users] help! Can I use lwIP in this way?

From: Wang Zheng
Subject: [lwip-users] help! Can I use lwIP in this way?
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 09:14:18 +0800 (CST)

|     Tx|<-------------------------------------------
|       |         ---------          ---------       |
|TCP/IP |         | Lwip1 |          | Lwip2 |       |
|       |         |       |          |       |       |
|     Rx|-------->|Rx   Tx|--------->|Rx   Tx|------->
---------         ---------          ---------   
   PC           device1        device2

Please look the graph above:
There are three devices ,including PC,device1 and device2.
The lwip have been ported into the device1 and device2.
Tx: the pin to transmit the data to the network
Rx: the pin to receive the data from network
My plan:
Link the three device like the graph above.
In my opinion:
If the lwip have Router function,the plan is feasible.
Do you think so?  Give me some advice, please!

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