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[lwip-users] Handling sudden disappearance of network i/f

From: clive
Subject: [lwip-users] Handling sudden disappearance of network i/f
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 13:00:16 +0100
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I have a problem whereby if the low-level comms supporting a network interface 
I'm using for LwIP suddenly (and unexpectedly) disappears, the upper stack 
layers don't seem to be becoming aware of this. I'm using the PPP network 
interface, but I don't think that should make any difference to the question in 

I am able to determine when the data channel goes down (via a callback), so can 
anyone say if there is a variable or data member in the upper layers that I 
should be modifiying on this event, to indicate that there is no longer a means 
of tx'ing/rx'ing packets? Perhaps the variable is actually in the network layer 
(PPP in this instance)? 

Kind regards,

Clive Wilson

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