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[lwip-users] Optimizations for applications requiring limited functional

From: Roger Cover
Subject: [lwip-users] Optimizations for applications requiring limited functionality.
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 16:31:59 -0700


I have completed my upgrade to version 1.2.0 (from 0.6.3). The
reliability of my system is much improved. The developers have done a
good job increasing the robustness of the library.

Now that I have version 1.2.0 running, I have noticed a decrease in
performance (about 40%). Part of the decrease I initially noticed was
because my old lwipopts.h file used an old (and no longer correct)
method to turned statistics collection off. I am using the "raw" API and
I only need ARP, ICMP echo, TCP/IP, and UDP. The major performance issue
is only in UDP.

This brings me to my question: I already found how to turn off the
statistics and "raw" packet code. What else can I turn off in lwipopts.h
to remove things I don't need? Version 1.2.0 has a lot of features that
0.6.3 did not have, and any help jump-starting my performance
improvement quest will be greatly appreciated.

Roger W. Cover
Spectral Instruments, Inc.
420 N. Bonita Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85745
Voice: 520-884-8821 ext. 144
FAX: 520-884-8803

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