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[lwip-users] Thread issues In Ada

Subject: [lwip-users] Thread issues In Ada
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:43:12 +0200


I'm trying to port the lwip to a real-time embedded system, which relies on ada.
Meanwhile, I came across the following problems:

1. tcpip_init_done() is defined as a static variable, although it is initialized by different applications.
  Therefore, it is possible that if we have 2 apps: app1 and app2. and, both of them initialize the tcpip package with init1 and init2,
   a context switch in tcpip_thread (after the new thread has started) can cause the tcpip_init_done() to change before it is called.

2. In order to create the sys_arch_timeouts, I need to identify the operating thread at each call, and it is impossible for me.
    Why the timeouts lists can't be stored in an internal struct of the lwip, such as netif, or any other struct which is specific for the thread and passed on
    over the functions, and therefore can be accessed at any time.


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