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[lwip-users] retransmission every 9 pacakets.

From: Yang
Subject: [lwip-users] retransmission every 9 pacakets.
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 16:55:34 +0800

Hi all.
   I am useing Lwip 1.11 for a few months.It seems to work fine until
I found it would do a retransmission every 9 tcp packets!. ack was sent
back every 2 pacakets. 
   I found out this with ethereal. It seem that after 9 packets, lwip
stop to send the next packet and wait for an ack until timeout and make 
a retransmission. I knew that it is some how connected to the 
TCP_TMR_INTERVAL and TCP_FAST_INTERVAL as it disgussed in this list . 
I set them as fallow
#define TCP_TMR_INTERVAL       250  
#ifndef TCP_FAST_INTERVAL       
 I had try to set TCP_FAST_INTERVAL  as TCP_TMR_INTERVAL+50( or 100) ,
the result is same! 
  How can I avoid these restransmission ?

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