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Re: [lwip-users] [PATCH 1/7] lwip: config sanity check for NETIP

From: Andrew Dennison
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] [PATCH 1/7] lwip: config sanity check for NETIP
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 09:11:24 +1000

On 9/22/07, Frédéric BERNON <address@hidden> wrote:
>>About the comment, it's "trivial", but a comment never kill everyone.

>I don't understand what you mean by this, can you please clarify? The patch added a comment to the code to explain why realloc() was a stub and the commit >documented the issue it fixed.
Hi Andrew,
Sorry, my english is not very good (I'm french). and sometimes, it can cause some problems. What I want to say is the comment is not very useful, since the code is very simple, but could be add with the patch (if the patch is added) because it don't cause any problems. I think my _expression_ is very specific to my country, and doesn't have a sens with such translation, sorry.

Hi Frédéric,

I was hoping I was misinterrpreting what you wrote, thank you for the clarification. Your written english is excellent, and infinitely better than my french...

About the patch itself, if what you propose fix your compiler warning, it generate warnings "_expression_ is constant" on some others compilers, due the "while (0)".

I'm guilty of adopting gcc centric fixes recently. Maybe this is a good candidate for a compiler specific fix: is #if __GNUC__ acceptible in a lwip header?

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