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[lwip-users] netconn_write blocking

From: Lukefahr, Andrew Robert (UMC-Student)
Subject: [lwip-users] netconn_write blocking
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 15:01:12 -0500


I have an application that is sending out TCP data to several client using the 
sequential API.  When a client disconnects gracefully, netconn_write returns a 
negative value, and I can close the connection. However, if any of the clients 
locks up (i'm using embedded clients), or a cable gets unplugged, etc.  
netconn_write keeps queue packets until it fills up the buffer, and then 
blocks.  I've been playing around with debugging, and so far all I get is lots 
of messages about the queue being full.  

My question is what is the proper way to deal with ungraceful disconnections 
using the sequential API? Am I doing something wrong, should netconn_write 
return an error for ungraceful disconnections, or is there any other way to 
check if for connection timeouts?  

I'm using FreeRTOS and a cvs version of lwip from about 2 weeks ago.  

Andrew Lukefahr

Open Source, Open Minds

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