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[lwip-users] RAW API Interupts

From: Rick Culver
Subject: [lwip-users] RAW API Interupts
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 08:16:19 -0500

I am relatively new using the lwip stack but have been able to successfully use the RAW API in some what of a "polled" mode.  However, I am needing to get the stack to function using interrupts because I have a number of functions that will not be able to service the lwip stack frequently enough in the polled mode.  My question has to do with re-entry of the stack code.  That is, if I process my packet read function from a hardware interrupt and trigger the timers (tcp_tmr()) from a tick interrupt is there a problem with the lwip getting confused?  Added to this there would be situations where I would be setting up a packet to send (udp_send() or tcp_send()) with in a function not triggered by an interrupt.  Basically I could have 3 levels of trigger (tick IRQ, hardware IRQ, background) all firing at the same time, is this a problem?  I don't really have an RTOS and don't really want to implement one for this job.  I just need the stack to run more or less independent of my main application.  Can anyone provide some inside or direction on this before I even try to implement the interrupts?  Thank you all.

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