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Re: [lwip-users] Auto PPP soltuion

From: Alain M.
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Auto PPP soltuion
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2008 23:35:22 -0200
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Thanks very very much for the advice. So I will first try to make it run in my PC... I am starting a new thread for that


yueyue papa escreveu:
Default windows platform is a PPP sample. Only sio_xxx needs to be provided.
5 sio_xxxx need to provided.

sio_fd_t sio_open(u8_t num)
 int id = num;
 printf("sio open for %d,%d,%x\r\n",id,num,(unsigned int)ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].open);
 //ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].handle = ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].open(id);
 ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].handle = lwip_modem_open(id);
 return ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].handle;

u32_t sio_read(sio_fd_t fd, u8_t * ucData, u32_t len)
 s32_t readLen=0;
 int timeout=1000;
 readLen = ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].read(fd, ucData, len,timeout);

 return readLen;

u32_t sio_write(sio_fd_t fd, u8_t * ucData, u32_t len)
 u32_t i;

 i =  ppp_sio_opt_table[gModuleType].write(fd,ucData,len,100);
 return i;

void sio_read_abort(sio_fd_t fd)

void sio_close(sio_fd_t fd)

These two are only used for slip.

 * Write a char to output data stream
 * @param num char to write to output stream
 * @param psio struct, contains sio instance data, given by sio_open
void sio_send(u8_t num, sio_fd_t psio)

 * Read a char from incoming data stream, this call blocks until data has arrived
 * @param psio siostatus struct, contains sio instance data, given by sio_open
 * @return char read from input stream
u8_t sio_recv(sio_fd_t psio)
  return 0;

My windows PPP working envrionement is create on the our embedded OS windows simulator. So my sample is no useful for  normal user.
Write the 5 sio_xxx is not difficult. Based on windows sample test code, the PPP could running in windows if you atteched a modem in windows com port.
On 12/2/08, Alain M. <address@hidden> wrote:

Do you (or anyone) have some example for PPP ???

AAMOF I couldn't find examples for lwip at all, where am I suposed to look for it?

I intend to make PPP work first on a normal modem as a first test, then use it fot GPRS too...

Thanks for any help,

yueyue papa escreveu:

Hi All,
 I am using the lwIP + PPP on GPRS module.
 I tried to following feature. The PPP will begins to open only if there is valid socket requirement.
 eg: There is socket connect, or socket listen.
 Is there any suggestion for how  to make a elegant implement?
 I tried to add the code in api_msg.c.

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