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[lwip-users] LWIP1.30+ucos2.86 on luminary lm3s8962

From: greencity greencity
Subject: [lwip-users] LWIP1.30+ucos2.86 on luminary lm3s8962
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 06:14:44 +0000

hi all:

   I am porting lwip1.30 and ucos2.86 on luminary lm3s8962. the RTOS and stack begin work and can ping. So I want to build a sample http server on it.the code below is my http connect task and connect process function. they are writed referenced the httpserver-netconn.c in lwip contrib-1.30.

static void Http_Task(void  *parg) 
 extern void http_process(struct netconn *pxNetCon);
 struct netconn *pxHTTPListener, *pxNewConnection;
 /* Create a new tcp connection handle */

  pxHTTPListener = netconn_new( NETCONN_TCP );
 netconn_bind(pxHTTPListener, NULL, 80 );
 netconn_listen( pxHTTPListener );

  /* Wait for connection. */


extern void
http_process(struct netconn *conn) {
  struct netbuf *inbuf;
  char *buf;
  u16_t buflen;
  /* Read the data from the port, blocking if nothing yet there.
   We assume the request (the part we care about) is in one netbuf */
  inbuf = netconn_recv(conn);
  if (netconn_err(conn) == ERR_OK) {
    netbuf_data(inbuf, &buf, &buflen);
    /* Is this an HTTP GET command? (only check the first 5 chars, since
    there are other formats for GET, and we're keeping it very simple )*/
    if (buflen>=5 &&
        buf[0]=='G' &&
        buf[1]=='E' &&
        buf[2]=='T' &&
        buf[3]==' ' &&
        buf[4]=='/' ) {
      /* Send the HTML header
             * subtract 1 from the size, since we dont send the \0 in the string
             * NETCONN_NOCOPY: our data is const static, so no need to copy it
      netconn_write(conn, http_html_hdr, sizeof(http_html_hdr)-1, NETCONN_NOCOPY);
      /* Send our HTML page */
      netconn_write(conn, http_index_html, sizeof(http_index_html)-1, NETCONN_NOCOPY);
  /* Close the connection (server closes in HTTP) */
  /* Delete the buffer (netconn_recv gives us ownership,
   so we have to make sure to deallocate the buffer) */

I use realview MDK3.24 built the target and use lm link to debug.when my program runing  I find http server only can connect one time.and when the connect is closed the server send RST package to web browser(MAXTHON). after this I refresh the web browser but the server can not response for this connect request.why??

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