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[lwip-users] A problem in DHCP, and a potential fix

From: Michael Figg
Subject: [lwip-users] A problem in DHCP, and a potential fix
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 09:12:17 -0500


I have been using lwip to do dhcp client requests, and have found a
problem with the current lwip code.  In particular, it is possible to
send DHCP discover requests with the source ip address NOT set to  I have discovered that doing this causes incompatibility
problems with some linksys routers.

I have coded a fix that seems to work.  I would like to show this fix
to someone in case they want to fold it back into the lwip source
tree.  How do I do this?

Any reply can be sent to the lwip-users mailing list, which I
subscribe to.  If you need to contact me directly, please send to

Mike Figg

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