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[lwip-users] Join Multicast Group

From: Mathias Zenger
Subject: [lwip-users] Join Multicast Group
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 14:41:34 +0200


I try to receive multicast messages using the sockets API in a task of my
application based on FreeRTOS and lwIP stack 1.3.0 (task function attached).

Let's assume my Ethernet controller is properly configured to pass multicast
messages to the stack. (This topic I am currently discussing with the ATMEL
support team for my EVK1100 board -> any help is welcome, too).

However, joining a multicast group and setting the socket option to reuse
the port number seem to fail. I can not see any IGMP messages in Wireshark
(which I would expect). Since it is possible to enable LWIP_IGMP I thought
this feature would be supported by lwIP. Does anybody have an explanation
for the failures or can somebody even provide me a working example?

Thanks for helping!
Best regards,

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