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[lwip-users] tcp_sndbuf always returns 0

From: WU Rui-Qing
Subject: [lwip-users] tcp_sndbuf always returns 0
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 21:6:25 +0800

  I am using lwIP 1.3.1 rc1 from  http://ftp.twaren.net/Unix/NonGNU/lwip/ . In 
fact ,the problem i meet still existes in lwIP 1.3.0 and 1.2.0.

  In packet capture from wireshark ,the checksum shows Good checksum :False  
Bad checksum :False . Is this relative to  the [validation disabled] 
configuration ?  the checksum is calculated by default method in lwIP.

  I am sure that the block memory in FIFO is locked and not changed when it is 

  when I implement the server using the socket , the server can run long time 
.Why is this?

>On Fri, 2009-07-17 at 20:05 +0800, WU Rui-Qing wrote:
>>  The server runs on a platform with TI DSP C6415,uC/OS-II and
>> LwIP1.3.1,its IP is client runs on host ,its IP is
>> the client connect to the server ,the server send
>> data to the client .the packets captured on PC host shows that client
>> sends a duplicated-ACK for SEQ=3894,the server retransmits the packet
>> SEQ=3894. I use the default setting in opt.h.
>>   Thank you very much !
>The packet capture shows that the stack is retransmitting a packet with
>a bad checksum, and the retransmissions have the same (bad) checksum as
>the original packet.
>Which version of lwIP are you using?  You say 1.3.1 but it has not been
>released yet.  Is it just the latest version from CVS?
>Not sure why it should get the checksum for this packet wrong.  Is there
>anything special about the way that checksums are computed on your
>hardware?  Is the payload in the captured packet what you would expect?
>Is the data you are sending static?  I notice that you call tcp_write
>without the TCP_WRITE_FLAG_COPY flag set, and so you have to guarantee
>that the memory area pointed to will not change.  Looking at the code I
>think that might be the problem: what happens to the memory pointed to
>by hs->file after you have finished calling tcp_write() for that item?
>If it is freed in some way, or overwritten by read_block_from_outfifo()
>for example, that would be a problem.  To solve this either set the
>TCP_WRITE_FLAG_COPY flag or wait until the tcp_sent() callback is called
>for all the data in an item before freeing/overwriting the memory.
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        WU Rui-Qing

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