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[lwip-users] Transfer archive of PC by ethernet

From: Oscar F
Subject: [lwip-users] Transfer archive of PC by ethernet
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:36:51 +0200

Hello everybody, i Ždont know how can i solve this problem.

I need to transfer from PC an archive of 5Mbytes to EVK1100 boards ( AT32UC3A0512). IŽll wanto to store this archive in SDRAM of board (64Mbytes), i have this cuestion:

My first idea is to use socket TCP conecction, but what is the maximun size of file to transfer, because if i use the recv function i need to store the data of files, and i havenŽt enough memory in stack in SRAM internal for this. If the size of dates is divided in block of for example 2K while recive this block iŽll transfer this block to SDRAM and i Žll solve the problem. Is this posible?
(the stack reserved to this is 2048bytes)


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