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[lwip-users] suggestion of implement protocol

From: Oscar F
Subject: [lwip-users] suggestion of implement protocol
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 08:52:33 +0200

Hello everybody, i want to implement a protocol to comunicate message and files with PC by ethernet.

The typical command to send by PC are START, STOP, TRANSFER FILE, DOWNLOAD FILE of board EVK1100. I´ll implement this protocol, my quetions are:

a) what is the best option, use TCP o UDP socket? ( I need the fastest)

b) If use a socket, Can i leave open the conecction with the socket forever? it´s only a PC.

c) The files to transfer can be big size for example 5Mbytes. This file must be divided in block to transfer, i supposeed, but  Does the lwip protocol let recive the file in several part?.  Does the PC need to divide the file too?

any suggestion will be welcome!!
Thank you,

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