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[lwip-users] TCP explanantion

From: Oscar F
Subject: [lwip-users] TCP explanantion
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 11:29:04 +0200

thank you, at the moment only the customer define the protocol. this example is interesting, but i think i have another situation to  manage, and is the permanent communication with the PC. I think that i can't to create and destroy socket every moment, because always i´ll have to listen and send  to PC. Maybe is my first time to use RTOS, always i did it with my timer. I think that i should create a task to manage the communication with PC, and use a socket permanent opened, the i manage every command that i recived and send. But i don´t sure, the key is to define a good arquitecture SW to implement all ( one task, priorities,..., a lot of quetion in the future i will have to decide)

In this program example only use one communication because the task finish when the echo is sent .no?

thanks again

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