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[lwip-users] PPP and Ethernet at same time

From: Christian Walter
Subject: [lwip-users] PPP and Ethernet at same time
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 09:41:41 +0200
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Dear lwIP Users,

Has anybody successfully run lwIP and the PPP stack at the same time? I have seen some messages on the mailing list where users had problems and we want to avoid going any empty miles;)

Basic options we would require:

 - Forward IP packets between interfaces.
 - Possibly bound services only to specific interface TCP/UDP

Kind regards,
        Christian Walter

Embedded Solutions                     | DI Christian Walter
Lorenz Böhler Gasse 4/4, A-1200 Wien   | address@hidden
http://www.embedded-solutions.at       | +43-676-7278851

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