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[lwip-users] Re: Issue with udp_input() and source ports

From: Jakob Stoklund Olesen
Subject: [lwip-users] Re: Issue with udp_input() and source ports
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:03:05 +0200
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Kieran Mansley <address@hidden> writes:

> On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 15:36 -0700, Brian Lam wrote:
>> I looked into udp.c and saw that udp_input() checks both the source and
>> destination port of connected pcbs before it considers it a match(line
>> 195, rev 1.109). I think that this may be in violation of RFC 768 which
>> states that:
>> "Source Port is an optional field, when meaningful, it indicates the port
>> of the sending  process,  and may be assumed  to be the port  to which a
>> reply should  be addressed  in the absence of any other information.  If
>> not used, a value of zero is inserted."
> Could you file a bug for this on savannah?

On the other hand, from Linux "man 2 connect":

  If the socket sockfd is of type SOCK_DGRAM then addr is the address to
  which datagrams are sent by default, and the only address from which
  datagrams are received.  If the socket is of type SOCK_STREAM or
  SOCK_SEQ‐ PACKET, this call attempts to make a connection to the
  socket that is bound to the address specified by addr.

If you want to receive UDP from anybody, don't call connect().


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