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AW: [lwip-users] DNS for socket API

From: Mathias Zenger
Subject: AW: [lwip-users] DNS for socket API
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 12:27:36 +0200

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the hint. I included the netdb.h file in my application and can
now resolve the functions gethostbyname() and gethostbyname_r().
Unfortunately DNS still doesn't work since I get an ugly compile error for
netdb.c and netdb.h - However, let me first describe what I have tried so

I defined LWIP_DNS in lwipopts.h and set it to 1
(As far as I can see LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS is defined and set to 1, too)

Then I had to increase MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT to 7 (previuos definition was
6). Obviousely I used to many protocols and therefore got an error in init.c

/* There must be sufficient timeouts, taking into account requirements of
the subsystems. */
  #error "MEMP_NUM_SYS_TIMEOUT is too low to accomodate all required

This would probably not be necessary since I only want to use UDP, DHCP,
IGMP and DNS with the socket API in my application. I guess I could set
LWIP_TCP to 0(?)

In netdb.c I get some warnings for implicit declarations of strlen(),
memcpy() and memset(). This probably could indicate a missing string.h
The error in netdb.c says 'conflicting types for lwip_gethostbyname_r'. In
netdb.h I get the error messages 'previous declaration of
lwip_gethostbyname_r was here' and 'expected declaration specifiers or '...'
before size_t'

Would be grateful for your help. Thank you.
Best regards,

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Did you try the file netdb.h/.c (LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS must be set to 1)?


Mathias Zenger wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a bit confused! Is DNS supported for the sockets API or not? (Version
> 1.3.0 stable). First of all I couldn't find the LWIP_DNS definition in
> lwipopts.h and secondly I couldn't find the functions gethostbyname() and
> gethostbyname_r().
> What about the description in lwIP Wiki? Completely wrong?
> Does somebody have an example using DNS with the sockets API?
> Thanks. Regards,
> Mathias
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