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Re: [lwip-users] lwIP - NAT implementation

From: Christian Walter
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] lwIP - NAT implementation
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 15:45:00 +0200
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Zitat von "Kieran Mansley" <address@hidden>:

On Sun, 2009-08-16 at 12:21 +0200, Christian Walter wrote:
My question is now how I can find the size of the headers depending on
the interface type. Otherwise I would always need to allocate the
maximum size.

Would using PBUF_LINK as the layer type and size of zero as arguments to
pbuf_alloc() do what you need?  Probably not, as it just uses a constant
to determine the link header size. This would be the right place to make
it dynamic though if you wanted to improve things.  That might requiring
passing a netif to pbuf_alloc though, which would be a bit of pain to
change.  Perhaps we could add a "pbuf_alloc_for_netif()" function which
would wrap pbuf_alloc(), and leave the current behaviour when
pbuf_alloc() is called directly.

Thanks - I will think about this.

Still we would miss the following for a fullimplementation

  - We would need some defragmentation code to handle fragmented UDP and
TCP pakets correctly. This is the most difficult one but is not need by
my customer right now. Still I would like to have the opportunity to add
this later. Are there some design issues I should take care of right now?

Couldn't we just forward the fragments?

The problem with this is that I can not track the state anymore since I need the TCP and UDP headers for this. When I receive back an packet I am currently checking if the tcp port belongs to a connection with NAT. I only have the TCP header in the first paket of the fragment.

  - We would need a more user friendly configuration interface for the NAT.

  - We should have the possiblity to add application specific hooks -
For example for FTP forwarding or something like this.

Happy to leave those two to the port or application to sort out.

Okay. Thanks for your valuable feedback,

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