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RE: [lwip-users] IP Address Display Functions

From: Kieran Mansley
Subject: RE: [lwip-users] IP Address Display Functions
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 10:36:49 +0100

On Tue, 2009-08-25 at 10:24 +0100, Kieran Mansley wrote:
> It might be worth looking through the CVS history to work out why this
> particular case was introduced in the first place.

Just had a look at the CVS history.  It says: 

"Re-instantiated the pack directives. Nested structs do break individual
field natural alignment on arm-gcc."

So looks like it's there for a good reason, and should stay.  This went
in on 6th May 2004 so there might be some of the back story in the
mailing lists around that time.


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