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[lwip-users] Remote address with PPP-Connection

From: Joseph Thomas-Kerr
Subject: [lwip-users] Remote address with PPP-Connection
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 11:51:40 +1000

Hi Lechner,

It's a pity no one responded to this. I hope you have found the solution by now, but if not, I had the same issue, and resolved it by removing the check for a server address from ipcp_up() -- lines 1260-1264 in ipcp.c of release 1.3.1.

I am using ppp over a 3G cellular modem, and I found that when I use Windows XP's dial-up connection, it doesn't negotiate or need the remote address either. I can look at its status and it states "Server IP Address".

And when I use LWIP without a remote address, I can run ip applications such as ping and nslookup without any problems.

The server address also appears to be unused. It is passed to the sifdefaultroute() function, but this explicitly says its an unused argument. It can also be accessed by client code via the public control structure, but clearly not all client code needs it.

Can we get rid of the requirement that the interface have a server address?


[lwip-users] Remote address with PPP-Connection

From:Lechner Martin
Subject:[lwip-users] Remote address with PPP-Connection
Date:Wed, 18 Feb 2009 16:41:49 +0100


I am using LWIP 1.3.0 and have the following problem: I establish a
PPP-Connection to a modem via serial interface. PPP-Negotiation seems
to work, because i get a IP-Adress and the DNS-Serveradress from my
provider and in my IPCP-Statemachine i come to the function "static
void ipcp_up(fsm *f)". But this function returns with the the Msg
"Could not determine remote IP address" because (ho->hisaddr == 0). I
dont know where and how this adress should be set.
I call following functions in the following order:

udp = (struct udp_pcb *) udp_new( );
udp_bind(udp, IP_ADDR_ANY, 7000);
remoteIpAdd.s_addr = (u32_t) inet_addr( remAddr );
udp_connect(udp, &remoteIpAdd, 6508);
pppOverSerialOpen( COM_PORT( PORT_DBG ), LinkStatusCB,
&linkStatusCtx );

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!


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