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Re: [lwip-users] Recv en socket TCP

From: Oscar F
Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Recv en socket TCP
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 12:38:52 +0200

Kieran another thing, the next tiem i tested the application, i´ll write here with the values of the variables until the program block or crack because loos the address.

Tonight i´ll continuos with the test, and i have to test to send to PC this part is not tested yet for me.
I have a proble when close the socket agin the problem is similar.


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 12:17 PM, Oscar F <address@hidden> wrote:
Sorry kieran i have change tha value yestarday. Iwas working with this value to 1 but i don´t see anything. I completly lost with this problem, i´m going crazy. :-). i needed to reduce memory for is this the cause of the problem

Thank for you i have achivied advance, any thing you said me is very important for me.
I`ll put to one again

Please the other define say me what is not important for my project.

Thanks again

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 12:00 PM, Kieran Mansley <address@hidden> wrote:
On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 11:49 +0200, Oscar F wrote:

> /* Define default values for unconfigured parameters. */
> #define LWIP_NOASSERT 1 // To suppress some errors for now (no debug
> output)

I mentioned before that running without assertions when developing makes
it very difficult to help you with problems.  Please turn assertions
back on (#define LWIP_NOASSERT 0).  I can't help with questions about
strange things going wrong when you refuse to use the assertions that
are there to help you with exactly this sort of thing.


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