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SV: [lwip-users] TCP payload is doubled

From: Jan Wester
Subject: SV: [lwip-users] TCP payload is doubled
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 13:41:52 +0200

I have the same problem
Kieran mention about to set TCP_WND_UPDATE_THRESHOLD = 0. I have not tested
yet, will start to test next week

Kieran wrote
The window advertisement code was re-worked in 1.3.1 to only send an
explicit update when the change in window is greater than
TCP_WND_UPDATE_THRESHOLD.  This defaults to (TCP_WND / 4). You could define
this to be zero to get the old behaviour, but the new behaviour should be
much better.  I would be interested to know what the problem you encounter
as a result of the less-frequent window updates is.  Note that any ACKs for
data that get returned should have the up-to-date window information in them
- it is only the sending of explicit window update ACKs that is restricted.


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Ämne: RE: [lwip-users] TCP payload is doubled

I did a wireshark capture and the window size from lwip keeps decreasing by
the packet length received by lwip for each transaction. When it finally
decreases to less than the packet size my s/w hiccups because it expects a
full packet. So this problem exposed a flaw in my software. Is anyone else
seeing teh window size decreasing?

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Subject: RE: [lwip-users] TCP payload is doubled

>Occasionally, the payload in my TCP return packet sent from lwip is 
>more bytes than I'm expecting.
>It looks like it may be concatenating two copies of the payload.

Does this mean the data received by the application is bad or you're just
receiving more of it than you expected but it's all good?


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