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[lwip-users] Incomplete TCP packet reception

From: Lou Cypher
Subject: [lwip-users] Incomplete TCP packet reception
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 12:08:19 +0100
User-agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20090812)

I have an HTTPD implementation, derived from the raw one in contrib/, that
showed a strange behavior receiving fragmented packets.
Note: In the attached Wireshark capture there's a fragment of communication that
exhibits such problem. In the capture file .130 is the host/web-client, and .199
is the the lwIP 1.3.1 server.

I'm receiving an HTTP POST message from a browser (in this case Google Chrome,
but I have reports that could have happened with different ones), from a login
page with a form that sends "username" and "password" fields.
While I've always found browsers to fill a single packet with all the
application headers, and the username/password payload, in this case the request
is split in two parts: the first one with just headers, the second with payload.

My modified httpd.c code recomposes the pbuf chain received in a single buffer,
as the tcp_recv() handler is called, and that works in all other cases, but this
In capture file: the POST request is composed of packet 4 and 6, but in between
there's a packet 5, coming from server: the lwIP server believes that packet 4
has no followers, sees no username/password payload, and instructs the browser
to reload the login page.

Maybe I'm just unaware of what all this means, but... why (having IP_REASSEMBLY
defined to 1) the two packets aren't recomposed in a pbuf chain?

lwIP (1.3.1) is configured with
#define  NO_SYS                         1
#define  SYS_LIGHTWEIGHT_PROT           1

#define  MEM_ALIGNMENT                  4
#define  MEM_SIZE                       (128 * 1024)

#define  MEMP_NUM_RAW_PCB               16      // 8
#define  MEMP_NUM_UDP_PCB               8       // 4
#define  MEMP_NUM_PBUF                  32      // default 16
#define  MEMP_NUM_TCP_PCB               128     // 32   // default 5
#define  MEMP_NUM_TCP_PCB_LISTEN        8
#define  MEMP_NUM_TCP_SEG               256     // default 16
#define  PBUF_POOL_SIZE                 128     // default 16

#define  LWIP_DHCP                      1       // default 0
#define  DHCP_DOES_ARP_CHECK            1

#define  LWIP_AUTOIP                    1
#define  LWIP_DHCP_AUTOIP_COOP          1

#define  TCP_WND                        4096    // default 2048
#define  TCP_MSS                        1460
#define  TCP_SND_BUF                    (8 * TCP_MSS)

#define  PBUF_LINK_HLEN                 16      // default 14

#define  LWIP_NETCONN                   0       // default 1
#define  LWIP_SOCKET                    0       // default 1
#define  LWIP_COMPAT_SOCKETS            0

#define  LWIP_NETIF_HOSTNAME            1

#define  LWIP_DNS                       1


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