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Re: [lwip-users]lwip and DHCP

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [lwip-users]lwip and DHCP
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 12:48:06 +0100
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Bob Brusa wrote:
Hence the problem is not the chksum, but somewhere there is a loss of
data. Now I am trying to find out where the true contents of the pubs gets
lost. Unfortunately I also am lost: The internal working of the lwip-stack
is not easy to grasp. Best thing would be if someone already has a fix for
the problem. Or good advice on how to takle the issue. Thanks for help
It seems like the netif driver only copies the contents of the first pbuf. I don't know which board/driver you are using or where you got it from (or whether you wrote it yourself), but the netif driver is certainly the place to start looking. You should find it pretty easy by searching for the place where a) pbuf_alloc() gets called by the netif driver and b) the ->input() function gets called. Somewhere in between that, pbufs are filled by copying from the MAC buffers.


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