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[lwip-users] How do I check if a packet is sent out?

From: Chen
Subject: [lwip-users] How do I check if a packet is sent out?
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 11:13:37 -0500

Hi, all,

In my project, I need to send out an UDP packet then stop the system interrupts for a few ms, but I need to confirm the UDP packet is sent out first (I don't need to confirm if it will reach the destination)

I send out the UDP packet using

lwip_sendto(lSocketUDP, myudpout.buffer, sizeof(myudpout), 0, (struct sockaddr *)&sSyncDestAddrUDP, sizeof(sSyncDestAddrUDP));

How can I confirm *THIS* packet is sent out?

Can anyone be so kind to give me a pointer?



BTW, I also have an active TCP connection at the same time

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