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RE: [lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI

From: Bill Yang
Subject: RE: [lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 15:20:18 -0700

Hi Bill,

Since you are using Luminary micro with lwIP, I would like to bother you a 

I worked on a project that uses a Lminary 8962 ARM Cortex-M3 micro. I also want 
to develop web server application based on the demo project enet_io from 
Luminary distribution CD-ROM for my project.

Since I lock the knowledge of embedded web server design, I attended Luminary 
training seminar for embedded webserver design, and was taught how to modify 
/fs/io_cgi.ssi file to add my needs and then use makefsfile.exe to generate a 
fsdata image under the fs subdirectory. 

However I've still not got the concept. How these changes in a shtml file could 
go and reach the device driver to drive a GPIO pin state. What the relation is 
between the html web page and the device driver. For example, if I want to 
control a peripheral in micro. Its API function is in the device driver. How 
does a thread or procedure go from the html page to this API function? Or maybe 
someone can suggest me to read something? 

Bill Yang

Software Engineer

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email:   address@hidden



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Subject: RE: [lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI

I did try to get it to run once but it didn't run as is.  I took out the 
hardcoded address used in the code and it still didn't run.  I had other more 
pressing things to do.  I do have the luminary development kit and the web 
server demo is nice.  From reading that httpd code, it is decent and the 
functionality is there for both CGI and SSI - supporting one or both.  The 
callback mechanism to get data from the application was done well and not hard 
coded into the source code.

If it was changed and made to work on generic lwIP installs, can it be put in 
the contrib. section?  Or is that only with Luminary's permission?


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>Subject: Re: [lwip-users] Weird problems with CGI's and SSI
>Bill Auerbach wrote:
>> How does the lwIP license work in this case?  This WEB server is
>included with a port of lwIP and includes the original copyrights and
>acknowledgements of lwIP from the original code.  In this case, can
>anyone legitimately/legally use this http WEB server?
>Why not? The BSD license allows using, changing and passing on the code
>with or without releaseing it... They left the original copyright in it
>so that's OK I guess.
>However, I'd still favour them contributing back a better httpd than
>what we currently have...
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