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[lwip-users] select timeout

From: Mathias Zenger
Subject: [lwip-users] select timeout
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 13:38:34 +0100


I have a little problem with select() (socket API, lwIP 1.3.0). I would like
to block for a maximum time of 5 seconds, waiting for incoming data.
Therefor I set up the following structure:

struct timeval socket_to;
socket_to.tv_sec = 5;
socket_to.tv_usec = 0;

Calling select():
ret = select(FD_SETSIZE, &fd, NULL, NULL, &socket_to);

My problem is that select() does only return if any data was received. The
timeout seems to be ignored. Is there a known issue or am I handling the
select timeout wrong? (By the way: blocking infinite with timeout parameter
== NULL works as expected).

Thanks for your help!

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