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[lwip-users] Help With SNMP

From: Zahir Lalani
Subject: [lwip-users] Help With SNMP
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:14:33 +0100

Hi All


I have setup SNMP into my application using sample code I had found on various sites. The problem I have is as follows:

The function snmp_init is called from lwip_init.

This function allocates a PCB, and then it calls udp_recv and udp_bind to setup a listener on port 161. This is where I hit the problem. If I return at the start of snmp_init, all my other IP stuff works fine,  including ping. However, just enabling  these first few lines of code causes ping and any other protocol not to work?? Any ideas?


Zahir Lalani
07956 455168

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