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[lwip-users] buffering outgoing packets

From: Tyrel Newton
Subject: [lwip-users] buffering outgoing packets
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 17:43:17 -0700
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I'm working on modifying and optimizing the XEmaclite network interface driver provided with the Xilinx/MicroBlaze development tools. The driver queues outgoing packets if the packet cannot be sent immediately. This makes perfect sense to me. However, a comment in the output function reads:

* If we cannot send the packet immediately, then make a copy of the whole packet * into a separate pbuf and store it in the send queue. We cannot enqueue the pbuf
     * as is since parts of the pbuf may be modified inside lwIP.

I'm wondering if there is any truth to this statement. Do outgoing packets that are queued at the network interface driver level really need to be copied verbatim into a separate buffer? This seems counter-intuitive to lwIP's low-memory usage design goals.


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