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[lwip-users] tcp_enqueue fails at more than two tcp_enqueue's

From: Jimi Simpson
Subject: [lwip-users] tcp_enqueue fails at more than two tcp_enqueue's
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 21:36:22 +0100

Hi all,

Having spent numeous days trolling the forums, trying assorted things to narrow down the issues I am seeing, I am at the stage with a development of FreeRTOS + lwip for an LPC1768 where I just cannot see what is going wrong - hence the forum post.

Without going into a whole host of details about settings for lwip - I can share more as required, basically I am having issues through netconn_write. If I netconn_write more than twice in a HTTP session, or if I netconn_write twice (or less) with more data than (2 * TCP_MSS) in size then it appears that the system locks in a retry situation (or at least that is my take).

If I limit the netconn_writes to two (with data less than 2 * TCP_MSS) then everything works fine - for days a HTTP server worked fine like this.

I expect there may be too little information here for anyone to get a true grasp of what might be happening, but if any one of you can ask/state some obvious things to check/share then I am sure it's going to be something silly.

FYI the following are working Static IP, DHCP, DNS, ARP, IP and TCP (ish), this leads me to believe that this is something specific.  

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Jimi

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