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[lwip-users] Any one can help me ???

From: LiYong / 李�
Subject: [lwip-users] Any one can help me ???
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 10:17:17 +0800


I use LwIP to develop a product. I meet a little trouble.

Our product need build up link with a host every 10 minutes. We do something like this:

1. build up link with host,
2. send a few data
3. send fin package to host, host return ack. Then host send fin package and product return ack.
4. after 4 minutes, the two data structures which created during the link is build up were freed.
5. after a few minutes, go back to step 1 and do this routine again.

We found that after a few times, the lwip will deadlocked. After check the log in out TCP/IP moniter tool, we found two error:

1. When building up link, product send syn package, host will send ARP. Product had not respond the ARP or  send RTS package. So, link fail

2. When product want close link, fin package will be sent from product to host, host return ACK. Then, host send FIN package, but product can't respond in time. So, next link will abnormal.

Any one can give me some help on this????

Thank you.

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