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[lwip-users] cannot include the header file arch/bpstruct.h

From: Teckinal Greek
Subject: [lwip-users] cannot include the header file arch/bpstruct.h
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 11:51:44 +0000

sorry to post the same post one more time because in my previous post i have forgot to complete the Subject field. This time again with subject field.
I have included the header files" arch/bpstruct.h" and  "arch/epstruct.h" in my project. But I am getting an error stating  "cannot include arch/bpstruct.h", I am using lwIP stack and on the other hand it was throwing me no error for "arch/epstruct.h" file. Is there something I am missing or am I doing wrong.
Please do enlighten me.

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