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[lwip-users] What is a PCB and why don't I have any?

From: ake . forslund
Subject: [lwip-users] What is a PCB and why don't I have any?
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 09:54:54 +0200

Hi again,

I'm continuing my porting effort and have gotten some good results, DHCP is working (which may or may not indicate that UDP is working as well?) and I'm now trying to get a simple telnet responder running on port 23. I've set up a socket waiting for a connection ready to reply but when I try to telnet to the platform the initial [SYN] gets the reply [RST, ACK] instead of [SYN, ACK]. from debugging it seem to me that the tcp_input()-function can't find any active PCB.

my question is what is a PCB in this context and where are they created? Are they created with the socket or somewhere else?

Best regards
/Åke Forslund

Åke Forslund
Box 14
S-285 21  Markaryd
Tel +46-(0)433-273296

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