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[lwip-users] LWIP

From: Benje
Subject: [lwip-users] LWIP
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 08:08:31 +0200

Good day,
I am using LWIP1.3.2, running on port from Atmel, AT32UC3A0512. No SYS = 1. NO RTOS.
The ICMP seems to crash, Echo request sent to the AT32 will respond at 1ms. Then after a random time will
start running into the 100 - 1000ms range.
It seems I might be using the Memp pools mempalloc incorrectly in my opt.h / lwipopts.h (as attached). The Network
is fine. At the low level I can receive and delete 100 000's pbuf packets, before it gets sent to IP / ARP level.
And everything happens fine.
Could you please advise how the Memp / Pools they should be set up to function properly?
Kind Regards,
Benjamin Emmerich
USER Login Name: benjamin24
Email: address@hidden

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