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[lwip-users] restrict number of connections of HTTP-server

From: M . Duckeck
Subject: [lwip-users] restrict number of connections of HTTP-server
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 10:30:49 +0100


I am using lwip 1.4.0 and the httpserver_raw. My filesystem supports only 
2 open files at the same time. When I am opening an html file that 
contains for example 5 images, the browser tries to the load the images in 
parallel. Because the fs_open in http_find_file() fails for the third 
image and an error code 404 is returned, the browser displays only two 
images. When I restrict the number of connection to two in the browser, 
the html page is displayed correctly. But I do not want to modify the 
browser settings.

Is there a way to restrict the number of connections that is handled by 
web browsers correctly?


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